Buying street art at whatsart


Original artworks and limited editions vs. mass products

Contrary to other big furniture and decoration stores whatsart presents you limited and unique street art. Instead of factory-made pictures which can be found worldwide and in countles homes, at whatsart you get selected artworks from selected artists. If you buy street art at whatsart you can be sure that you are the only one or one of a small group of artlovers who own these artwork. Purchasing unique or limited street art is especially interesting for individual, creative and ambitious people who are looking out for the special piece of street art.

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Buying street art with certificate of authenticity


If you decide to buy street art online there are some points you should consider. One good reason to buy original artworks at whatsart is the certificate of authenticity we deliver with every artwork. The certificate is your garantee about the originater and the number of the limitation of your selected street art artwork. If you choose a piece of art from a limited edition you can be sure it is personaly signed and numbered by the artist and stictly limited. With decreasing number of the edition increases the value of the specific artwork.


Street art can increases in value


Unique art has the potential to increase in value. This may not be the main reason for buying street art at whatsart but it is a nice side effect. We attach importance to high quality artworks and authentic and well-established artistic personalities with individuel styles. If you decide to buy street art at whatsart the certificate of autheticity prevents a loss in value.

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Buying street art means you support artists


With buying street art like limited artprints or unique canvases you support an artist and the whole art-movement. As a result the artist gets a better possibility to enhance his style and his talent. The dedication of the artists, especially in street art, is mostly anonymous, expensive and sometimes dangerous. Never the less passionated artists take all these challenges for being creative and living their passion, for themselve and for us.

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If you have any questions or feedback about the online shop or the presented artworks, do not hesitate and contact us via phone (+49-221-64309901) or email.