Visit Innerfields at Colognes art fair BLOOOM

Berlin based artist trio Innerfields is part of the BLOOOM art fair


Next week from wednesday the 26th of october until sunday the 30th of october the international ART.FAIR Cologne takes place ones again in the halls of the Cologne trade fair.

ART.FAIR is an institution for modern and contemporary art and brings together artists, galleries and collectors as well as art lovers.

You will find international top positions as well as promising, young artists at an early stage. It is always an impressing array of creativity with all kinds of people, artworks and projects and definitely worth to check out.

BLOOOM art show

Since 2015, the converging art show BLOOOM is a important part of the ART.FAIR and creates a place for young art and unconventional people.  The spectrum ranges from design, architecture, fashion, photography, film and advertising to game design.


Once again, the congenial and crazy talented guys from Innerfields show their limited silkscreen print editions and stunning hand-painted canvases during the BLOOOM art show.


The trio consisting of Holger Weißflog, Jakob Tory Bardou and Veit Tempich started to embellish the world from their home base Berlin. It’s empty, drap walls that inspire Innerfields to redesign their urban environment.

Even each one of them have their very own style, they managed to develop a signature style while working as a trio on huge walls and projects. Working together their individual styles harmonize and merge perfectly. Over the years they have developed an urbanized style, rich in variety but unmistakably their own.

Meanwhile they are working for international partners and travel to all kind of countries to do what they love: painting and spraying huge walls and murals, making the place a bit brighter.

Despite these projects the three are working on bringing their art from the walls on canvas and paper. Using a recognizable style, format and topic, Innerfields found their individual niche in the diverse world of arts.



Using the exploited use of modern communication devices as a recurring topic, they play with the effects of modern technology on our urban and social life and point out the impacts these devises may have and which are familiar to most of us, if we are honest.


Their incredible talent and technic combined with a unique yet recognizable use of formats and a current topic makes these three great artist to a serious trio you definitely should know!

So from the 26. – 30.10.2016 you have the chance to visit these guys and many more at BLOOOM and ART.FAIR in Cologne and of course you may check out their artworks in our artstore!