Exclusive print pack art auction with Semor the mad one and Pout

Exclusive art auction with Semor the mad one and Pout

Two talented and extraordinary graffiti artists are presenting their first and limited screen prints at whatsart.

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Now we offer an exclusive print pack in our art auction category.

The print pack includes one signed and numbered screen print ‘the mad one’ plus foto print by Semor and one signed and numbered screen print ‘four letters, four styles’ plus foto print by Pout.

Semor the mad one

Semor has been an active graffiti artist for over 20 years now. For Semor, writing is an approach to life and no matter what he creates, he always works with joy and passion. Semor sprays incredible fast and clean with a distinctiv designs but he also likes to experiment with materials and backgrounds. He spreads his skills national as well as international and loves to share his time and passion with other talented artists like his crewmate Pout. Do what you love, love what you do – this attitude reflects in all of his artworks.



Pout also started 20 years ago to be an active graffiti writer. Today, he is active in the Cops crew and the Deadly habbits and spends every free moment with his passion graffiti. His current style is a fresh blend of classical, graphically and experimentally. The most important thing about painting for Pout is the time he can spend with his crew, friends and peers.


For whatsart both designd and printed their first screen prints. They really liked the challenge to make a style for the media paper and the unique printing technique. The results are two fresh examples of their skills.

whatsart art auction

The dreamteam in a four-pack! Two hand printed and exclusive screen prints and two high quality foto prints, all limited and signed in one auction! Sign in now and bid for this golden opportunity.

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